Crossrail Vehicle and Site Compliance

To get on any site run by Crossrail you now need to have the following items installed or present on your vehicle. These items are required because they all add extra saftey for you and other operators on Crossrail sites.

All of these items are in additon to your vehicle having a cyclesense systems Installed.

Brite Sparks can supply all of these required items in any quantity needed.


Bulb Kit Bulb Kit

This simple kit is required so vehicle operators are able to promptly swap blown bulbs.

Bulbs are a primary system of warning other people of what your vechicle is doing so needs to be maintained at all times.


Sticker Kit

You must have appropriate signage on your vehicle to correctly display information and warnings.

It is important to display that your vehicle is up to date and show suitable warning for people that are around your vehicle and might not know any better

Cyclist Warning StickerCyclist Warning StickerSide Warning StickerSticker Set


The FRESNEL Screen is designed to be placed on the near side window of the vehicle to allow the driver to see cyclist below his natural viewing area without any other special equipment wilst maintaining good awareness and reducing distraction.


Warning TriangleWarning Triangle

This is required in certain circumstances to warn other vehicles and pedestrians of your vehicles presence


Fire ExtinguisherFire Extinguisher

This is required to put out fires from unforseen situations and can prevent a small incident becoming out of hand and a lot more serious.