About Brite Sparks Auto Electrical Ltd

Brite Sparks Auto Electrical Ltd's range of leading edge safety systems assist both driver and cyclist. cyclesense systems detect obstacles alongside the vehicle giving an audible and a visual signal to the driver, whist an external speaking alarm warns cyclists and pedestrians of the vehicle’s intended left turn.

We are Installers of safety systems concerning vulnerable road users and cyclists including camera systems, safety warning lights, multi camera recording systems with live the ability to access live data helping to reduce insurance premiums and assist in driver training. Nationwide coverage of on-site installations with weekend work being a major part of our service.

FORS Silver and Gold Standards

W also provide advice and help on progressing through the FORS standards reaching silver and gold standards. Brite Sparks are a distributor of our own designed LED HGV cycle warning light fitted to the rear of HGV vehicles.

Crossrail Compliance

The Crossrail LogoCustomer

Crossrail is the biggest engineering project in Europe, estimated to cost £14.8bn. Due for completion in 2018, it will run a total of 118km (73 miles) between west and east London and connect 37stations, including Heathrow airport. The project currently has over 20 worksites.

Mercedes TruckWhy do we need to be compliant?

Following a spate of accidents involving cyclists across the capital, Crossrail have set a mandatory contractor requirement that all HGVs working on the project are fitted with sensors and other safety equipment to alert drivers of cyclists. Vehicles not compliant will be turned away from Crossrail construction sites with the contractor liable for any costs incurred. This applies to HGVs operated directly by a contractor or on their behalf by a haulier.

We are now an approved installer for Thames Water Authority and Tideway and also a Thames 21 Specalist

Operators MUST Fit:

  • Blind spot proximity sensors. cyclesense systems ultrasonic sensor system informs the  driver of the distance between the vehicle and any obstacles, whether moving or stationary. The 4 sensor system is fitted to  the side of the vehicle increasing safety when turning or low speed manoeuvring.
  • Audible warning to the driver to alert of a cyclist  in the near side blind spot cyclesense systems ultrasonic sensor system includes a 3 stage audible buzzer and visual indicator so the driver knows exactly which part of the vehicle the obstruction is rather than just being warned of a problem which is fitted in the cab.
  • Warning alert for cyclists cyclesense systems provides a real speech warning to the cyclist - "Caution" this vehicle is turning left"
  • Visibility of side/nearside blind spot. We provide an on site service or the vehicle can come to our workshops. We can cater for weekend work if needed. Brite Sparks also provide extensive camera monitoring systems to provide all round visibility of blind spots.
  • We also provide all the internal and external  warning signs for cyclists and pedestrian.
  • We also supply a safety kit which includes Fire Extinguisher, Fresnel screen for passenger side window, Complete sticker kit, Bulb kit and warning triangle.
  • On left hand drive vehicles we provide the mirror image kit providing a  warning that the vehicle is turning right, Cranes etc.

We also do we DVR Camera Systems

  • 500gb HDD and 32GB SD Card DVR Systems available
  • Fully Compliant Systems
  • Insurance Approved

Our systems are made by Smart Witness a leader in this field offering a quality product.